Jingle & Mingle: A Festive Extravaganza at Heart WeHo in collaboration with The Los Angeles Blade and Latino Outreach.

'Tis the season to be merry and bright, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than at the Jingle & Mingle event hosted by The Los Angeles Blade and Latino Outreach Understanding Division? Set to take place at the heart of West Hollywood, Heart WeHo, on December 22, 2023, this special holiday party promises to be an unforgettable evening filled with festive cheer, community spirit, and a whole lot of heart.

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than by joining The Los Angeles Blade and Latino Outreach Understanding Division at the heart of West Hollywood? Mark your calendars for the special “Jingle & Mingle” holiday party at Heart WeHo on December 22, 2023, starting at 8 PM. This unique event is not just a celebration of the season; it’s a joyous gathering to honor and uplift the LGBTQ immigration community of Los Angeles.

Celebrating Diversity and Unity:

Set against the backdrop of Heart WeHo, this holiday soirée is dedicated to celebrating the rich tapestry of the LGBTQ immigration community in Los Angeles. From Asylum Seekers to DACA beneficiaries and Undocumented individuals, alongside their loved ones and supporters, everyone is welcome to join in the festivities. The event aims to create a warm and inclusive space, fostering a sense of family during this especially significant time of the year.

A Night to Remember:

The “Jingle & Mingle” event promises an evening filled with joy, laughter, and the spirit of togetherness. As the clock strikes 8 PM, Heart WeHo will come alive with the vibrant energy of the LGBTQ immigration community and their allies, creating lasting memories that resonate with the holiday season’s essence.

Support from Community Partners:

This first-of-its-kind event is made possible through the generous support of community partners. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Latino Outreach and Understanding Division, the office of LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis, and Equality California have all come together to ensure the success of this special celebration. Their collective efforts underscore the importance of unity and collaboration in creating meaningful events that resonate with the community’s diverse stories.

Share the Love: The organizers extend an open invitation to everyone, encouraging the community to come together, share stories, and spread holiday cheer. Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ immigration community or a passionate supporter, your presence is valued and appreciated.

Celebración navideña para la comunidad LGBTQ de inmigrantes en Los Ángeles

¡Únase a nosotros para una celebración navideña festiva e inclusiva! Estamos emocionados de reunir a la comunidad de inmigrantes LGBTQ de Los Ángeles para un evento alegre en Heart Weho. Ubicado en Santa Monica Boulevard en West Hollywood, CA, EE. UU., este vibrante lugar crea el escenario perfecto para nuestra reunión.

Para muchos miembros de la comunidad LGBTQ que enfrentan problemas de inmigración, Diciembre y la temporada navideña pueden llegar a ser difíciles y solitarios.

Así que, si te encuentras en esa situación, queremos invitarte a ti y a tus seres queridos a unirse a nosotros para una velada especial en la que celebraremos tu valiente viaje a este país.

Esta es una oportunidad única para conocer a otras personas con historias similares a la tuya.

A veces, simplemente poder hablar con otros con situaciones similares sirve de estimulo. Aqui encontraras solicitantes de asilo, beneficiarios de DACA y personas indocumentadas, quienes compartiran sus experiencias y quienes podran brindarte esperanza, aliento y alegría.

Help us Spread the Word:

The success of this event relies on the power of community and shared enthusiasm. Join the organizers in spreading the word about this extraordinary celebration. Share the event details, invite your friends, and let’s make the “Jingle & Mingle” holiday party a resounding success.

Conclusion: As the winter night descends on West Hollywood, Heart WeHo will be aglow with the warmth of holiday lights and the spirit of inclusivity. The “Jingle & Mingle” event is not just a party; it’s a testament to the strength found in diversity and the power of unity. Join us on Friday, December 22, 2023, at 8 PM, as we come together to celebrate, share, and create lasting memories at the heart of West Hollywood. Everyone is welcome, and we can’t wait to share the joy of the season with you!

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