Pole Master’s Playhouse: Where Diversity Takes Center Stage at Heart WeHo Nightclub



In the heart of West Hollywood, the iconic Heart Nightclub undergoes a spectacular transformation every Thursday night. The LA Times recently featured the extraordinary event, shedding light on the sensational Pole Master’s Playhouse hosted at this renowned venue. This all-gender pole dance extravaganza has become a hot spot, providing a sexy safe space for queer and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) dancers. Let’s delve into the vibrant and inclusive world created by Miles Woods, professionally known as Yung Pole Master, who has not only broken barriers but is also paving the way for other talented and marginalized performers.

The Scene at Heart Nightclub

As the LA Times reports, the typical ambiance of Heart Nightclub is replaced with an electric atmosphere on Tuesday nights. Two nearly 14-foot-tall poles and a lyra hoop take center stage on narrow pop-up stages. The main stage, complete with a catwalk and steps, is surrounded by plush VIP booths where patrons indulging in bottle service can enjoy the show up close. The bartenders craft $10 cocktails, while dedicated sweepers efficiently collect dollar bills that rain down during the performances.

Pole Master’s Playhouse Highlights

At the heart of it all is Miles Woods, Yung Pole Master himself, ensuring that Pole Master’s Playhouse is a seamless and unforgettable experience. The 28-year-old, who happens to be the first cousin of golf legend Tiger Woods, has been breaking barriers throughout his life as a man participating in female-dominated spaces. The LA Times article captures his dedication to respecting the culture and the women who pioneered pole dancing.

A Path of Challenges

In his interview with the LA Times, Woods acknowledges the challenges he faced as one of the few Black male pole dancers. He reflects on the scarcity of representation in the industry and emphasizes the importance of respecting the culture and the women who have been at the forefront of pole dancing. His journey has not only been about personal success but about opening doors for other talented individuals who have been marginalized.

Breaking Barriers and Ushering in Talent

Through Pole Master’s Playhouse, Yung Pole Master is not only showcasing his own skills but also providing a platform for other talented dancers who may have faced similar challenges. He shares his experience, stating, “There were not a lot of Black male pole dancers before me… It was extremely challenging for me to navigate into this world, but I did it by respecting the culture and the women first. And growing through that has allowed me this opportunity to bring other people in.”


Pole Master’s Playhouse at Heart Nightclub is not just a weekly event; it’s a celebration of diversity, talent, and inclusivity. Miles Woods, with his unique journey and dedication, has turned this space into a haven for performers who may have felt marginalized in the past. As the music pounds, the lights flash, and dollars rain down, Pole Master’s Playhouse stands as a symbol of breaking barriers and creating a space where everyone, regardless of background or identity, can revel in the joy of pole dancing.

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